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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Regional Australia - what people search on

I have just done a review of some of the search engine visits to see what interests people. It's a varied collection.

The first search that came up was alternative living lifestyle tasmania. This site came up because of reference to alternative but not linked to Tasmania. However, there have been two posts about Tasmania and alternative life styles, the story of Contessa.

The preceeding post was another Google search on global problems of olive cultivation. Because I am interested we have carried several stories here, including some links that may have been helpful.

Then there was the search on Google Netherlands on "west australia" + cattle + stay. I imagine the site came up because of the Kimberley series. However, in this case I am not sure that the visitor would have found much of help.

In terms of specialist interests, there was a Google search on John Edye, pottery. Here the visitor found the story on Winifred West and Sturt, a story that may have been useful although I noticed a number of other direct references in the search results.

Before this there was a Google search on Reasons for living in Cooma. This picked up the blog's sea change label, although looking at this made me realise that the sea change label is in fact inadequate.

Then there was a Google seach on History of Murray-Darling River in Australia. This picked up a story on paddle steamers on the Murray-Darling. In fact, there is a fair bit more, but it is on other related blogs. Perhaps I should do a consolidation post.

So six searches, six very different topics.

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