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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The unique and practical in selling your community


Over twelve months ago, I left you stranded with a promise to write more about Broken Hill. Sadly, events intervened!

This photo is taken at that time at the Broken Hill Sculpture Garden. This is one of Broken Hill's unique features, a must see for all visitors. It's just fun wandering around the stone sculptures on the top of the hill over-looking the semi-desert around.

If you are selling tourism in your community, you have to identify the unique elements. Many areas, for example, focus on food and wine. But unless you have established a unique element there, it won't draw visitors: It may help them stay for longer; If you develop enough as in the case of Orange, it may become a special draw card; but otherwise forget it as your central seller!

If you want to persuade people to move to your community, then other factors come into play. The special features that you focus on in your tourism promotion become a support. Now the focus is on the combined attributes that make your community a worthwhile place to live in as compared to other places and especially the metros.

This can be remarkably difficult to do. Remember, it's the relative package that's important. This starts with the practical and then goes to the extras. It's not rocket science, but it does take time to think through.