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Monday, April 23, 2007

Kimberley Region WA 5 - You know that you are in the Kimberley when...

Photo:You never know who you'll meet on the Gibb River road. Photo by Vanessa Mills

ABC Kimberley has been running a series based around the theme You know that you are in the Kimberley when. I thought that I would share some of the entries with you.

You know that you are in the Kimberley when:

Your Easter Monday entertainment is watching a steady stream of cars get bogged trying to get around the rocks to north Cable Beach. (Lyn, Broome).

You have to keep moving the car down the beach so you can be near the water with kids and still able to get a beer from the car fridge. (Wendy, Broome).

After arriving in Broome from Perth and transferring to Airnorth for Kununurra, you're told your luggage will be off-loaded because of weather and the weight factor, but your fishing rods are fine to travel on! (Cindy, Broome).

You have to empty the rain gauge half way through a storm. (Glen, Broome).

You don't blink as a gecko runs across your kitchen wall and two frogs jostle for position on your laundry trough. (Kerry, Derby).

You can’t find your four wheel drive in the long grass on the way back from a swim! (Natika, Wyndham).

Everyone in the street looks you in the eye and greets you as you pass (Shireen, Perth).

You go for a Sunday drive (in the Wet) and it takes you 3 weeks to get back home (Phil).

The trucks all have three trailers. (Garry, Broome).

You own 6 different pairs of thongs (Vanessa, Broome).

You find a 9 foot python in the linen cupboard, again and again, and again (Tracey, Kununurra).

You can read the paper by lightning, after the power goes out. (Browny, Kununurra).

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