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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Visiting Broken Hill - the journey begins

We flew into Broken Hill on Monday night, 19 March. I hadn't been to Broken Hill before and was looking forward to the trip.

The Rex flight was delayed by two hours, later we would discover that happened quite often, so it was quite late when we got to the Hotel, the Astra. That was a pleasant surprise. OP1000116ur rooms were quite palatial.

In the I awoke early as I so often do. Somehow that early morning time has especial value. Mind you, it can be pretty dreadful if I go to bes late the night before!

As an original country pub, the Astra had large fist floor verandahs. I sat there watching the sun come up  over Argent Street, the main drag. It was very quiet.

Getting my guidebooks out I began to plane what we might do. We were there on business, but there was no reason I couldn't fit a little more in. I was also interested in the history of Broken Hill, for the city occupies a very special niche in Australian history. 

I will explore that history - story of boom and bust in the red dust - a little in my next post.