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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Regional living - the lazy person's approach to gardening 6 a new start!

Back in March 2008 I began a new series, Regional living - the lazy person's approach to gardening 1 introduction. This series got sidetracked because living in Sydney as I am at present I lost my garden because the family wanted to move to a bigger house.

Knowing that we were moving I lost heart. Then, when we moved, we ended in one of those current Sydney small block places. You know the type, all crowded together with a tiny garden patch that has been manicured - paving and all - into what we might call an outdoor living space. Quite nice in summer, but cold in winter, this was the final kiss of death. I did plant a few herbs, but most died.

We have now moved to a new house. I have a garden again, we know we are here for eighteen months, so I can do something. Having moved Tuesday, I am starting my lazy person's approach this morning, just to illustrate what I mean. I will report as I go along. I am also taking some photos as I go, although it may be a little while before I load them.     

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