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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Regional Australia - Musings

I feel reasonably satisfied with the way that the Kimberley series is evolving. It takes time to do this type of series, but I now feel that I have a much better understanding of an area that I have always been interested in but knew far too little about.

Unlike some Australian regions, the Kimberley has a high web presence in part, I think, because of the romance attached to the name. It is also an area that will continue to grow in relative importance, building its own unique presence in the Australian mosaic.

In a post earlier this month, Regional Australia - what people search on, I commented on the wide variety of search topics that drew people to this site.

Looking at recent searches I find the same, very varied, pattern. I also find when I look at the most popular entry pages that there is no clear pattern. As you might expect, the blog front page is a very clear winner, but then come a large number of pages with the same score.

I find it interesting to replicate some of the searches as a way of finding out new things from other people's interests. Stops me becoming too obsessed with my own interests. However, this can also be frustrating.

I followed up one search to find a very interesting article in the Brisbane Courier Mail on variations in food across Australia. I had to go. When I came back exactly the same search failed to show up the article. So very real frustration. I should have bookmarked it for later use, but simply did not think about it. Ah well.

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