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Friday, October 13, 2006

Cultural Activities in Regional Australia - information sources 2

This post follows up my earlier post on information sources relevant to cultural activities in Regional Australia.

Transformations is an electronic journal dedicated to the exploration of ideas, issues and debates emerging out of contemporary global culture. I mention it because it has some interesting articles on the Australian regional experience spread over several issues.

As mentioned before, Regional Arts Australia is a national body providing helpful information and tools for people involved as artists and arts workers in Regional Australia. It includes an online 'contact book' of regional artists and arts workers, to provide a mechanism for networking, sourcing of artists for contracts and projects, and for artists to make connections.

Festivals Australia is an Australian Government cultural funding program which provides assistance to Australian regional and community festivals for the presentation of quality cultural projects. Funding is available to add a new or special sort of cultural activity that has never been done before and could not otherwise be afforded. If you look at the details of past you will get a feel for the diversity of local and regional festivals.

Festivals Australia is a companion program to the new Festivals Australia Regional Residencies program. If you need support for an artist in residence to assist your community to tell a local story at a festival or major one-off community celebration, information on the Festivals Australia Regional Residencies program website may assist you.

Visions of Australia aims to enable more Australians to enjoy our diverse culture by accessing exhibitions of cultural material. It provides funding to eligible organisations to develop and tour exhibitions of Australian cultural material across Australia. Exhibitions should have a predominantly Australian source or theme.

The Commonwealth Government's Culture and Recreation Portal provides access to a range of information sources including a weekly updated news of what's on and what's coming up in the world of Australian culture and recreation. As a national site it does have a metro focus but does include information about activities in Regional Australia.

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