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Thursday, October 19, 2006

How do I find the job I want in NSW Country?


How do I find the job I want in NSW country? Frequently asked question


There are two overlapping ways, depending on your preferences.

If you know where you would like to live, at least in broad terms, start by researching the region and town that best suits you. Most councils have their own web sites.

The council web sites will provide you with general information about an area and also often include links to the local newspaper. The newspaperļ¾ web sites often contain details of current advertised jobs.

While most councils do not provide job placement services as such, many councils (Taree, Dubbo and Tamworth are examples) do have some knowledge of key local skills needs. The starting point here is the Council's economic development officer or the local development corporation where this exists.

You should also contact employment agencies in the region regarding suitable roles. For example in some towns the shortage for a good boilermaker is such that one could walk into town in the morning and have a job before dinner!

Because relocation involves more than just a job, you should also plan a visit to the region. This will allow you to assess living conditions and talk to council and local businesses.

If you do not have a preferred region or are prepared to consider broader opportunities, then the annual Country Week Expo provides an excellent opportunity to find out about both job opportunities and life style across regional NSW. The Expo features stands from a wide variety of areas, with most council exhibitors having some form of job kit and associated job vacancy list.
Recognising that not all jobs are advertised, you can also check advertised vacancies in Rural Press Publications across regional Australia, not just NSW, by visiting This allows you to search by job category or region or a combination.

Depending on your area, you should also check with the relevant professional or industry association to see what information they have. A number of these bodies do have details of job vacancies.

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