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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blog Traffic Report December 2007

Looking back at the country of origin of visitors to this blog, I see that Australia still dominates with 54% of visitors, followed by the US 0n 12%, the UK on 7%, Canada 5% and then New Zealand and South Africa each on 3%. Then come a dozen or so countries with smaller numbers.

Looking at the overall stats, the number of visits in December was, by a small margin, a new record.

Looking at the most popular entry pages after the front page, I suppose the thing that stands out over the recent period is the number of pages involved. Eighteen pages had two or more entry visits.

The most popular entry page after the front page was Tree Change and the Job Search Process - the story of Katrina and Tom continues.

After this came no less than eight posts with equal ranking:

In all, a very mixed lot!

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