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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Aboriginal art - relevant blogs

Photo: Will Owen Pansy Napangardi (at Ngurratjuta, Alice Springs)

Back in August 07, I carried an introductory post on Aboriginal art referring to Will Owen's Aboriginal Art & Culture: an American eye as a valuable entry point.

Aboriginal art, especially Top End art, has become very popular in Australia and internationally in part because of its designs and use of colour. This captures some of the essence of this part of Australia.

Will's blog, itself a valuable source of information, recently carried some links to other relevant blogs.

Edwina Circuitt's Thriving in the Desert deals especially with the Warakurna Artists Aboriginal Corporation in Western Australia and related topics. The blog's sidebar gas a series of very useful links.

Dianna Mary has been posting on Remote Life since the beginning of 2007 on day to day life as art centre manager in Central Australia.

Durrmu Arts, written by Harriet Fesq out of the newly reconstituted art centre serving the Peppimenarti community is newer, making its debut in September 2007.

Remotely Convinced is the latest entry into the art centre blogosphere that Will is aware of. He notes that Sara Twigg-Patterson recently left Tjala Arts in Amata, South Australia, to take on the daunting task of building a functioning art centre in Papunya.

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