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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Victorian Tourism's cheeky Sydney move

Photo: Ballarat street scape

Victoria really does a better job than NSW in marketing the state's various attractions.

Both states are dominated by the state capital. Yet while Victoria does promote Melbourne as a centre piece, it also markets the state's attractions in an integrated way.

By contrast, Tourism NSW has two different brands, Brand Sydney and Brand NSW. The second is always submerged by the first.

This is partially a matter of size: Victoria is simply a more compact state than NSW. But it also represents long standing differences in approach between the two.

While Sydney and the NSW Government were obsessed with Sydney's potential role as a global city, Melbourne and the Victorian Government were quietly reinventing Melbourne as a life style city. Now, with Melbourne out-performing Sydney in economic terms, Sydney's local press and especially the Sydney Morning Herald is obsessing about the need to reinvent and recreate Sydney.

In the midst of this, the Victorian Government paid for a glossy edition of the Victorian Wine Guide to be included in the Herald. Cheeky, really.

Still, its great from my viewpoint because it gives me lot of new material to write about. By contrast, I have to individually research NSW stories.

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