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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Regional Living Australia - end month review October 2007

In my last end month review I commented that I was getting back to regular posting and that, consequently, September traffic was well up.

Maintaining this in October proved a bit more difficult than I expected. At 9, the number of posts was one down. Further, posting was a bit irregular. As a result, October traffic was a little bit down from September.

What did people look at?

The most popular entry page after the front page was Tree Change, Sea Change Stories, a very short post giving a link through to another site.

This was followed by two equal stories. The first was the Land Newspaper and Australian Rural Life, the second the archive for August 2007. I am not sure just what brought visitors to the archive page, but there were some good posts in August.

Then came another archive page, this time for July 2006. Again I do not know what people searched on, but this one really took me back because July 2006 was this blog's first ever month.

This archive page ranked equally with three others.

The first was Kimberley Region WA 2 - the romance of pearls and pearling, a post that features regularly in the top group. Equal with this was Australia's Indigenous Heritage - Big Sky Country, another post often in the top group. also equal was another archive post, this time for April 2007.

Then came six equal posts:

The list this time is far more diverse, and brings out some of the diversity of this blog.

Where to next?

I want this blog to be both enjoyable and useful. On the first, I need to have regular posts with variety. On the second, I need more cross-links together with a greater focus on themes to avoid becoming to itsy bitsy. Let's see how I go over November!

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