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Friday, November 30, 2007

Country Shows - Dorrigo Show 08

Twelve months ago I carried a story on country shows triggered by Gordon Smith's great photos of the Dorrigo Show in New England. Now Gordon has visited the show again, with more photos.

This photo is of the lady doing the cattle judging. It somehow fits with my perceptions.

The judging is a formal occasion, so she is wearing a hat that would go well on a race course, along with what looks like a rather nice set of pearls. Then there is the coat. But if you went down, I bet you would find something like a pair of riding boots. So a mix of the formal and informal.

A confession.

Growing up, I was a rather bookish kid from an academic family. The country girls with their practical approaches, pearls and style used to terrify me. It took me years to realise that they were in some ways as insecure as me!


Anonymous said...

Re. boots. Indeed. RM Williams naturally :-)


Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Gordon. R M Willims of course!