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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Regional Living Australia - favourite entry pages

Photo: Rooms have views; so do farms. Gordon Smith

Every so often I look at the favourite entry points for visitors.

After the front page, the next favourite page is Australia's Indigenous Heritage - Big Sky Country. I am sure that peoples sorted on the first three words, whereas this post in fact dealt with Aboriginal tourist sites across New England. I probably need to include some better links to the various indigenous posts that I have written.

The next favourite post, Winifred West - Frensham, Gib Gate and Sturt, dealt with the remarkable story of Winifred West and the schools that she founded.

On equal ranking was Regional Australia's Universities - student satisfaction rankings. Nice to see this story still getting a run, because Australia's regional universities continue to score well on student satisfaction.

This was followed by a recent post, Aboriginal Art - a personal note. I would love to do a proper post helping people access a range of material in this area, but i fear that this will have to wait.

The last post in this top group was Kimberley Region WA 2 - The romance of pearls and pearling. Again I was pleased, because too few people know the place that pearls have played in Australian history.

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