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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Regional Living Australia New Material

We have added some more material to the Regional Living Australia web site.

Our earlier stories on this blog on paddle steamers on the Murray Darling River system have now been turned into a story In Search of the Paddle Steamer.

At just over one million square kilometres, the Murray Darling River system contains about 14 per cent of the continental land mass, extends across five states and territories (ACT, NSW, Victoria, SA and Queensland), supports 11 per cent of Australia's population and produces 41 per cent of the gross value of national agricultural production.

Paddle steamers were a critical transport link along the thousands of kilometres of riverway. This links to our earlier material on wool and the wool track because competition among the Australian colonies for control of the wool trade was a key driver in the spread of the paddle steamer.

In addition to paddle steamers, we have also added some new links in our section on employment to help you find the job you want in Regional Australia as well as material on foreign investment in Australian real estate for those outside the country interested in owning their own piece of regional Australia.

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