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Friday, July 28, 2006

Working from Home

One of the things that can attract people to life in Regional Australia is the thought of working from home in a new and relaxed life style. This certainly holds for some.

Paul Budde - BuddeCom - is one of Australia's leading telecommunications experts operating an international on-line telecoms research business.

Paul is based in Bucketty, a small community in the lower Hunter about 100k north of Sydney. Paul's description of his home and office (see photo) paints an almost idylic picture.

His stories of life at Bucketty including bushfires (Paul is in the local bushfire brigade) included in his newsletters have made Bucketty well know world wide.

Paul's success in building an internet based international business is not unique and indicates what can be done. However, those wishing to follow this route are well advised to do some preliminary investigation first.

One good source of information is Des Walsh's Thinking Home Business.

Des's site has a strong blogging focus reflecting his role as a blogging evangelist. But it extends well beyond this and is worth a visit if you are seriously interested in a home business within an internet environment.


Anonymous said...

Nice to be mentioned in the same post as the legendary Paul Budde. Then again, his passion for (and knowledge about) what technology can achieve has long been an inspiration for me.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Des. I think that legendary is about right and for the reason you suggest.