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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Polocrosse & Narrabri

Have you ever wondered what polocrosse is?

If you don’t know, polocrosse is a combination of polo, lacrosse and netball, played on horseback. It was devised by Australians in 1938 and is often described as poor man’s polo.

Each rider uses a cane stick, made up of a polo stick shaft to which is attached a squash racquet type head with a loose twisted-thread net, in which the ball is carried. The ball is made of thick- skinned sponge rubber and weighs 140-155 grams. The aim is to score goals by throwing the ball through the 2.5 metre goal posts at each end of the field.

A team consists of six players, divided into two sections of three who play alternate chukkas of a maximum of eight minutes each, with either six or eight chukkas usually comprising a full match.

While polocrosse is a little unusual, it is a common event in the Northern NSW town of Narrabri.

There in 1976 the Falkiner family established six playing fields on their Murrumbilla property. Since then there have been regular matches, with the local Galloping Gully Polocrosse Club growing from just 5 to 36 players ranging in age from 7 t0 63.

The strength of the Club is reflected in the fact that it will have 3 players in the NSW team to play at the Australian National Championships to be held at Camden in October 2006.

Club members are also looking forward to the Polocrosse World Cup. This will be held in the southern Queensland town of Warwick in April 2007 and is expected to attract up to 25,000 visitors.

The Club welcomes visitors. The next scheduled matches are 12-13 and 26-27 August. Further information about the Club can be obtained by phoning Jo Hamilton on +61 427 (Australia 0427) 932 148. For general information on polocrosse visit

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