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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Visiting Canberra - arrival

Getting away from Sydney for a weekend is always hard. In this case, we did not start until 6pm. And then there was the traffic. Coming out of Sydney it was almost bumper to bumper. The red rear lights stretched in an almost solid stream for miles.

Part of the traffic was certainly snow traffic. During the snow season thousands of cars and buses leave Sydney for the snow fields. Part, too, was dues to Sydney siders escaping from World Youth Day.

The modern road to Canberra is far faster - around three and a half hours drive time - but also much more boring. Just sit there and stick on the 110 kilometer hours speed limit for much of the journey.

The first real excitement came as we descended onto the shores of Lake George, now dry. This meant that we were almost there.

My wife and I have often been to Canberra in recent years. However, this was the first time that we had come by road and at night. I suppose the thing that struck us most as we drove over the hill and saw the Canberra lights for the first time was the sheer size of the place. The lights just stretched.

We both knew Canberra well, so did not bother with maps. Yet as we came in, we realised that we were not sure how to get to our hotel, the old Hotel Ainslie. We need not have worried. Sheer instinct guided us!

We finally arrived a bit after 9.30. So we had dinner there - Thai - and planned the next day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jim. Just looking in again after a bit of a break. What ever happened to that Ainslie secretary woman in Canberra, who stillettoed down the corridors of power? Obviously a few references here and there, Ainslee Avenue, Ainslee hotel.Perhaps she's wearing Hush Puppies these days! And what of Juni Morrossi? Different era entirely wasn't it!Enjoy your time in Canberra.

Jim Belshaw said...

Crikey Pam, you really took me back. I am not sure what happened to Ainlsie Gotto. Part of the problem there, and perhaps Juni M. as well, is that Australia was not used to the concept of powerful women. Married to one, I have been forced to adjust!

I really enjoyed my visit, and have several posts to go.