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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Australian Wool Fashion Awards - a few photos from 2007

Photo: 2007 Wool Fashion Awards Supreme-Award-&-1st--Collection

The 2008 Australian Wool Fashion Awards were held in Armidale (New England) in early March.

Growing up I loved wool. I loved the smell in the wool-sheds. I loved wool pull-overs, the feel of wool.

Not surprisingly, I still love wool! Armidale has always been a fine wool centre. While living there I really enjoyed the various activities centred around wool.

Photo: 2007 Wool Fashion Awards 1st-Mens-Wear.

Today it has become harder to buy decent wool clothing. Suits, for example, are nearly all blends.

I do not fully understand why wool should have fallen out of fashion in the way it has. It remains a magnificent natural fibre.

The Australian Wool Fashion Awards are a continuing attempt to redress the balance.

Photo: 2007 Wool Fashion awards 1st-2A-School,-1st-Secondary

Sponsored by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) the Awards are designed to showcase the use of Merino wool by national and international fashion designers and students.

The competition’s main aim is to educate and encourage young designers in the wonderful qualities of wool.

Secondary school students through to tertiary fashion students are enticed to use the many versatile wool and wool blend fabrics to create their entries.

The rewards include significant cash prizes, gifts of work experience with leading Australian fashion designers and Scholarships to study at recognised Fashion Institutes. Many entrants have gone onto careers in fashion.

The Awards are not just for the young, entrants of all ages vie for the prizes and prestige of a win in the competition that many say is the hardest to win.

Just one more photo.

Another first -Tropical-Honeymoon.

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