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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arnhem Land - introductory post

Photo: Nanydjaka Cape Arnhem Coast

After my Kimblerley series, I thought that it was time to open up a new regional series on places that I have not visited, but have always wanted to go to.

Here I noticed that the Kimberley series gets a steady stream of hits, in part I think that it does provide a consolidated series of posts with links.

The introductory post on Arnhem Land in Wikipedia notes that this is an area of 97,000 sq km (to put this is in perspective England has an area of 130,410 sq km) in the north-eastern corner of the Northern Territory. The region was named by Matthew Flinders after the Dutch ship Arnhem which explored the coast in 1623.

The area was declared an Aboriginal Reserve in 1931. Growing up, it was a remote, little known, but romantic place. Today it is perhaps best known for its continuing remoteness, its art, and the strong continuing traditions of its indigenous people.

Over coming posts I will provide basic information about the area and its attractions. So do come with me on a voyage of mutual discovery.

Next post.

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