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Friday, March 23, 2007

Regional Living Australia - Variety in Life

Every so often I pause to look at search patterns to see just what people are interested in.

People visit the site from many countries. If we look at the continent distribution, almost 60 per cent come from Oceania/Australia, followed by Asia, North America and Europe.

Then when I look back over the last forty or so searches, searches linked in some way to higher education are the largest single search area. Here I have been pleased to see that the post I did on universities ranked by student experience has received a number of hits.

Posts related in some way to food is a second category receiving steady hits. There appears to be considerable interest in Australian regional cuisine, a topic that I have written about but where I am still feeling my way.

Beyond this point searches are very fragmented, covering a wide range of individual topics. This makes it difficult to judge real interests. However, I can test this further by taking some of these topics and writing a little on them to see if this attracts further hits.

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